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As a broker of specialty foods and confections, Alfred H. Gledhill and Associates has been representing food manufacturers, importers and distributors to New England retailers since 1960. We’re family-owned, independent and very knowledgeable about the food industry. With our experienced team and extensive contacts, we ensure that when you partner with us, you receive the representation you deserve.

Starting A Food Brokerage:
High-end, Specialty Fare

Alfred H. Gledhill Sr, a consummate sales professional with experience in the food industry, saw an opportunity in 1960 to start his own food brokerage. He began by representing high-end specialty foods, such as caviar, teas and chocolates and called on his retail contacts in New England. Through hard work, collaboration with his food principles and an understanding of the marketplace, the company was successful and grew steadily.

Next Generation:
Gaining National, Corporate Experience

In the 70’s, Alfred Jr. was ready to join the firm. But instead, his father advised he first gain experience outside the company. As a result, Al Jr. honed his sales and business skills and knowledge of the food industry at General Mills, Keebler and Hunt-Wesson. In 1976, he officially joined the company, taking what he learned at the giant, international corporations and applying it to the small to medium-sized food companies that were their clients. Al Jr. took over management of the company in 1981.

Third Generation
Sales, Marketing & A Passion For Food

Following in her father’s footsteps, Jennifer Gledhill Rogers spent 10 years, acquiring sales and marketing skills at companies outside her family’s. But, in 2004, it was time to come home, and she joined the company as a principal. With both her father and grandfather in the food industry, Jennifer grew up immersed in the culinary culture. As a result, she has a true appreciation of food and is very much on top of the trends of the day.


The company continues to specialize in partnering with specialty food and confection companies and proudly represent only a few high-quality lines–the better to give them our utmost attention.